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Landscape Irrigation Services in Palm Beach County, Florida

Sustain Your Investment With Irrigation

A well-designed landscape is an investment, possibly a costly one, depending on its scope. To care for your property’s invested value, you need to make sure that the proper infrastructure is in place to support it. That’s where irrigation comes in.
For almost 40 years, B & R Industries Inc has provided Palm Beach County with premier landscaping options. Over the decades, we’ve grown more flexible and careful about our approach to yard sustainability. Through our immense experience, we know that a large part of that yard sustainability comes as a result of thorough irrigation.

Infrastructure to Last a Lifetime

To keep your landscape healthy, you’re going to need more than just adequate lawn care. You’ll also need to care for each bush and tree that gets planted into your yard, with a scheduling system for water distribution. You’ll also want solutions in place for excessive runoff, flooding and backflow prevention, as required by law.
Once you have all of these nailed down, your yard will be beautiful for a lot longer than a first impression. Give your yard the capacity to last.

Keep Everything a Pristine Green

One of the biggest bonuses that a quality landscape brings is its sheen of vibrancy and life. Green growth is healthy growth, and that requires water.
You’re going to want water served to your vegetation on a consistent basis. To keep that running, you’ll need regular service from technicians to ensure that everything is working properly. You’ll also want to consider water conservation to keep within your landscape budget. Finally, you’ll need to prevent backflow to keep pesticides, pet droppings and other contaminants from getting into your groundwater. We can help.

Work With Us for Your Next Project

There’s a lot involved in keeping your landscape in good condition. Fortunately, B & R Industries Inc has the expertise and the resources to keep all of it functioning together.
Your landscape can stay in the same quality as its first day. It just requires consistent expertise and effort. Let us supply these for you at your next convenience.